In Which I Do A Podcast

I’m a big fan of podcasts. It’s a sentiment that can seem a little off-kilter - engendering a slight inital apprehension, in the same way that a conversational partner might be caught off guard when you excitedly exclaim, “Ah, yes, I love books!” Surely not all of them, you can not-quite-hear them say.

Nevertheless, the medium itself, as a whole, has something to be said for it. Podcasts, particularly in their long-form, allow for a depth of treatment comparable to that of some books, providing the space for exposition and expansion rarely possible in an expensive TV slot, but adding a new dynamic of a back-and-forth conversation, where the listener has an avatar in the discourse to ask those pressing questions not often found in textbooks. Add in the multi-tasking joy enabled by the audio-only delivery and you’re onto a winner.

All this to say, I listen to a fair few podcasts! I’m not sure that the skills of listening fully translate to being a guest, but regardless I was delighted to be invited to the beautiful grade A listed Scottish Provident Building in Belfast to speak with Gareth Stirling, and check off the ‘do a podcast’ entry in my big list of things to do. The topic of the day was my mobile software development framework of choice, Xamarin, and the conversation appeared on the WebTalksNI podcast.

If you’re not yet convinced to listen below, then please read some of the feedback I’ve received:

“This is excellent”

“I didn’t understand any of this after the first five minutes”

“I really enjoyed that, it was interesting!”

“You have a real face for radio”

Thanks for that, Dan.