Hey there, I'm Mark.

Welcome to my little hub on the internet. Please take a look around if you’d like to find out more about me.

I’m a Software Engineer by trade, living in Northern Ireland. I work with an amazing group of people at Thrive, where we’re building a SaaS platform that’s helping to power communications for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

I enjoy the process of crafting delightful and engaging experiences for application users, and of building elegant, fast, and scalable systems.

I’ve been fortunate to spend time all across the software map, from infrastructure and deployments to back-end server development, from distributed systems to front-end web development, with a detour via machine learning and AI. Right now I’m focussed on cross-platform mobile application development for iOS and Android, and am possibly most known for telling people how great I think Xamarin is.

Literally no-one:

Me: So, Xamarin is pretty cool

Some places I’ve spoken at:

Software aside, I’m a bit of a self-development junkie, so I’m always likely to be in the midst of at least one possibly-ill-advised challenge or project. I have a keen interest in mindset, psychology, fitness, philosophy, and productivity, so you’re as equally likely to find me puzzling over some plumbing as part of a DIY journey in my Victorian house as in the gym or lost in the latest pop-psychology book or podcast! Of course, rest is serious business too, and I’m rarely happier than when I’m exploring a remote location camera-in-hand, with only mild concern that the nearest Pot Noodle could be a three-hour walk away.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram.